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Open Daily

Monday thru Friday

 10am - 10pm


Saturday & Sunday

 9am - 10pm

Relax, Renew, Revitalize

A day in heaven on Earth

2908 Elcamino Real, #160
Santa Clara, CA 95051   

Tel.  (669) 230 - 3934

Daily Admission 

Admission to Bay Spa is $40, which includes a 30 min complimentary massage chair. The $40 fee is waived with the purchase of any spa treatment. The $40 Day Pass can be purchased in-person only. No re-entry is allowed. 

Facilities at Bay Spa include: 
   ⁃    Gender-separated locker rooms with hot jacuzzi, ice plunge pool, dry and steam sauna 
   ⁃    Co-ed saunas, "jji
m-jil-bang" (Himalayan Salt Room, Mud Balls Room, Jade Room, and Ice Room
   ⁃    Co-ed lounges with spacious multi-purpose desks and recliners 
   ⁃    Designated resting/sleeping areas for men and women 


   -    No appointment is required 

   -    No swimsuits allowed 
   ⁃    Uniforms are provided upon arrival 
   ⁃    Kids aged 4-12 are welcome with supervision by parent or guardian. Admission fee for kids is $20 


"Buy 10 Services, Get 1 Free”

"DAY PASS on Sale”

10 days $350 / 20 days $660 / 30 days $900

Redeemed one per day no expired date! 
Share with friends and families 

(Spa treatments, products, food or beverages are not included)

BAY SPA   Promotion!  


Bay Spa is the biggest spa in the Bay Area with 17,000 square feet of best-in-class saunas and services.

It features 6 unique sauna rooms spread out across 2 floors. 
Bay Spa is in the heart of San Jose's Koreatown, only a few minutes from central Silicon Valley. 

Natural Soap and Flowers
Exfoliation Treatment


Outdoor Spa


Relaxing Massage


Luxury Spa


Relaxing in Pool

Natural Beauty


Just a few minutes from downtown San Jose, Bay Spa is the perfect place to pamper yourself and alleviate stress from the modern world. Given our world-class facilities and services, our mission is to provide you with a relaxing, revitalizing, and unforgettable experience. 

스파 풀 버킷


Traditional Korean bathhouses have been an essential part of contemporary South Korean culture for hundreds of years. Jjim-jil-bang, which means “heated rooms,” are where locals come to relax, unwind, hang out with friends and family, and engage in unique health and beauty rituals that go beyond a quick massage.

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