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Providing Everything You Need

* Daily Admission Fee :

$40 with complementary 20 minutes massage chair. 

* Admissoin fee is included in the purchase of any spa treatment.

* We recommend that your arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Treatment times are not extended based on late arrivals. 

* We arrange these services on behalf of massage professionals. 

Exfoliation Treatment


(services rendered in nude; includes hair wash & conditioning)

A traditional Korean technique that employs full-body exfoliating techniques to remove impurities and dead skin, while naturally boosting your blood circulation. Please check in 30 min prior to your appointment time and soak in warm/hot water for 10-15 mins beforehand. service begins.

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We are in process of updating services.

Professional Chiropractor will provide the new therapy service.

Sorry for the inconvenient and thank you for your patience! 

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