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FAQ & Policy

Etiquette / Spa Safety Guidelines

Frequent Asked Questions & Policy


Spa Etiquette:

  • Shower before entering any pools or sauna rooms.

  • No consensual activity between partners of any gender within the facility

  • Shoes must be taken off while inside the facility.

  • Outside food or drinks are not allowed.

  • Keep your voices down while inside.

  • Supervise children or elderly at all times.

  • Place used towels, uniforms and slippers in designated baskets.

  • Do not bring oils, hair dye, face masks, or cell phones into the sauna.

  • Only take 1 toothbrush and/or razor per visit.

  • Guests are prohibited from taking any sauna products with them.

  • Do not wear any clothing inside the pools.

  • No smoking within the facility.


Safety Guidelines

  • Long exposure in the sauna rooms may result in nausea, dizziness and fainting (should not exceed 15 min)

  • Exit cold plunge if feeling cold, tired, ill and/or if you are shivering. Extended cold water immersion can cause hypothermia.

  • Elderly people, pregnant women, and those with health conditions should consult with a physician before entering the sauna rooms.

  • Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed.

  • People with communicable diseases and open sores are not permitted in the steam and sauna rooms.

  • Spa treatments for guests under the age of 18 must be under the supervision and consent of a parent or a legal guardian who must be present at all times.

  • Bay Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items, including property damage.

  • Bay Spa has the right to refuse service to any guests.

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